Fusion. Japanese. Taste.

These are the three words that inspired our work and that embody the essence of a visionary, but at the same time concrete, project born of the desire to blend Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine to bring it closer to the flavors that belong to us.

The meticulous centrality of the details and the passion of those who animate this place have made it a point of reference for those who wish to experience a full taste.

To satisfy all the senses.


​The Otoro81 proposals are small masterpieces, the result of the meticulous care of our sushiman team of internationally renowned raw and of futuristic terracotta chefs. 
 A mix of unique and refined ingredients, of first and selected quality, allows us to offer our customers only very high quality dishes, from sashimi otoro to the most classic salmon in teriyaki sauce.

Extensive studies, continuous research, very high quality of the materials used but above all a careful selection of partners are the key principles of our philosophy.

Cocktail / Sakè /

Otoro Mule, Sake Mojito, Ninki, Kodakara, Summer Flowers, Sweet Life, are just some of our sake and infusion cocktails, perfect to try as an aperitif, to accompany the entire dinner or at the end of a meal paired with the master confectioner’s sweets.


Autochthonous, Italian, French, Spanish or the rest of the world, whether it is white wine, red wine, brut bubbles, rosé, blanc de blanc or millesimate, the Otoro81 cellar offers and is continually enriched with labels of the big names as of excellence of small producers, so as to offer a complete and transversal card for the bottles as for the goblets


The walls of stabilized vegetation, the design furnishings and works of art, the stone inserts and the precious woods, the console that hosts renowned dj sets, are the details that complete the soul of Otoro81 making it the sought after but welcoming living room where to always feel at home.


Otoro is the tuna belly in the part closest to the head. Extremely rare, very delicate and tasty, it is a unique delicacy easily distinguished by the characteristic marbling and pink color due to the presence of noble fat. 81 is the number that ideally links Naples to Japan. Naples, the city from which the Otoro81 project starts, is ideally linked to Japan at a crossroads of telephone prefixes: 81 to call Naples, 81 to call Japan from Italy.